It all started when...

My interest in Photography started at a young age - when I was 12 my aunt gave me a

Kodak Graffiti camera for Christmas, and from then on I was hooked. I spent every

penny I had buying film for that camera, and getting films processed. As a

teenager I had an art teacher who was really encouraging. He set up a darkroom in the

school and let me use his own camera to take images. He showed me how to

develop and print the black and white images I took. This was a huge influence on me

and to this day I still love shooting with Film camera and printing and developing in a


In the years since, I’ve gone on to achieve an Associate Distinction (AIPF) in

Photography from the Irish Photography Federation (IPF), and an

AFIAP (Artiste Fédération Internationale de la Art Photographique). I’m really proud of

these awards, and I as believe an artist never stops learning, I hope to continue to

develop (pardon the pun) my skills in years to come.

I’ve been quietly photographing weddings since 2012, and weddings I’ve shot

have been featured in The Irish Times and on the One Fab Day website. I love the buzz

surrounding the wedding day. Everyone is happy, it’s a huge family event and its really

nice to play a small part in it.