James & Roza, Aherlow House Hotel

I have always believed that being a photographer is a privileged position, which carries a responsibly not just of taking photos, but of capturing moments.  Moments come in all shapes and sizes, they are nearly always emotive, very hard to predict, but most of all when threaded together in a photo book they tell a strong human story, long after a moment is gone – immortalising memories for generations to come.

I had the absolute privilege of capturing ‘once in a life-time moments’, at the wedding of James Mulloy and Roza Loskoski.  The couples’ wedding took place in the wonderful Aherlow House Hotel, on a typically mild but very warm ‘Irish day’. As photographer, I have to admit that I am slightly obsessed by the weather and have developed a second sense for the ‘right kind’ of weather for capturing the ‘right kind’ of shot. Honestly, I’m not sure Roza's family, who had  travelled, all the way, from Australia had the same option of our ‘fine Irish day’, they were frozen!

The day unfolded, gradually moving from the pre-wedding preparations of, makeup artists hair stylists, wedding gowns, suits, houses full of family & Friends and kids beside themselves with excitement, to the church, the bog(Yes we took wedding photos in a wild bog) , the hotel, and finally  the dance floor The wedding ceremony, fittingly took place at James’s childhood parish church in Parteen, Co. Limerick, followed by a reception in the Aherlow House Hotel, in the beautiful Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary.    I hope the photos do justice to the amazing couple, the wonderfully relaxed wedding atmosphere, and the stunningly beautiful surroundings.

As photographer, I normally exit after the first dance and head home, but on this occasion, I stayed on, having been told that there was to be some traditional ‘Macedonian’ dancing. An opportunity which seemed too good to miss, as I had never witnesses it before, and while I have spent some time photographing professional dancers, this seemed like a memory in the making for the bride in particular.  I was not wrong!, it was highly entertaining and even resulted in the bride nearly falling from a chair which she was standing on. Before I finished and the bride’s 7 year old nephew took to the dance floor and very nearly stole the show! 

Below is a small selection of James and Roza’s images, I really hope you can sense ‘the moments’ and follow ‘the story’ as it unfolds.

roza loskoski and james mulloy wedding at glen of aherlow.jpg

After the first dance is usually where my day ends and I head home, but on this occasion i stayed on a bit longer, having been told that there was to be some traditional Macedonian dancing. This was something i had not photographed before and while photographing it was kinda difficult, the sight of the bride almost falling off a chair proved to make for a great photo

And following that, the brides nephew took to the dance floor, and completely stole the show ! 

Source: JamesAndRoza