Associate Distinction Panel

I recently attended a distinction sitting of the Irish Photographic Federation. I presented a panel for judging for an Associate distinction. Happily, my panel was successful. My panel consists of 15 figure nudes and an accompanying statement. Most of the images were shot at Platform 3 photographic studio, in Cork city, with the exception of a few images which were shot at 50Hz Photography in Dublin. I would really like to thank all those that helped me and gave me feedback and advice especially Iñaki Hernandez, Niamh Whitty, Niamh Mahon,Kevin Johnson and Jason Towns. I would like to especially thank the models that posed for me, Maria Kanda, Zonia Reed, Ondine Rt Artisque, and the other models that wish to remain anonymous.

The Statement, Panel Layout and individual images are below.

My statement read as follows:

"The human body is an incredible thing: we all have one. It comes in many shapes and sizes: tall, short, fat, thin, and various combinations in between.

206 Bones, 650 Muscles, 78 Organs, and almost 60,000 miles of bloods vessels: one amazing feat of engineering and evolution. A work of art in itself.

My panel represents a series of figure studies. I wanted to depict the human body’s curves and structures through engagement with light, shadow and pose.

These are the sculptures I have created."